About Company

Lynx is a Grade#1 Saudi construction company headquartered in Riyadh, with over 25 years of solid engineering, procurement, project management, and construction experience. Lynx has successfully delivered several commercial, institutional, hospitality, healthcare, residential, and mixed-use projects with a customer-focused approach.

Our Vision

Lynx shall be a professional construction company synonymous with trust, providing superior quality and service to its customers. We shall ensure customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries, technological improvements, and value engineering.

Lynx shall deliver stakeholder expectations through sustainable initiatives and community engagement.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

At Lynx, we look for opportunities to expedite the construction process through creative thinking and meticulous planning. We use the latest construction techniques and innovative products to improve the quality at every construction stage. We look for alternate engineering solutions to minimize the cost and maximize our customers’ return on investment. We take all measures to reduce the carbon footprint and lower the environmental impact. We actively engage the local communities, train them, and employ them in our projects.

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Quality Assurance

Value Engineering

Our Team

Alex Sam

General Manager

Salah Herzallah

Chief Financial Officer

Abdullah Al Gudair

Director- Project Management

Yahya Al Sharahely

HR & Administration Manager

Feras Jabr

Technical and Coordination Manager

Ali Danon

Commercial Manager

Mohammad Addassi

Estimation and Planning Manager

Adnan Abu Aishesh

Western Area Manager

Mohammed Jaradat

Central Area Manager

Murad Al Saed

Eastern Area Manager

Hassan Akkad

Warehousing Manager

Mohammed Al Jafri

IT Services Manager